“The Future of the Press Release” join the PRSA Teleseminar on Jan. 30th

I will be one of three wire service participants discussing the topic of “The Future of the Press Release: Creating an impact through search engine optimization (SEO) and social media” at the next PRSA Teleseminar on Tuesday, Jan. 30th at 3 p.m. ET. Sign up today to join us for a lively and informative discussion moderated by Eric Schwartzman

Just to give you a free taste of what we will be focusing on, here are just three take-away messages that I hope to impart to participants next week, let’s call them “My Three Es”

Expand Your Reach
The press release is no longer exclusively a media relations tool but now because of the extensive online reach of the wire services, the it is also widely accessible directly to consumers is viewed and searched as online page of web content.

Enhance Your Release
Adding multimedia assets, formatting, anchor text and hyperlinks and social media tags makes the release a more web-friendly page of content as well as a portal to other information on the topic.

Evaluate and Measure
News releases on the wire provide comprehensive, simultaneous and global reach to both traditional and online media in minutes.

Take full advantage of this spike of activity that inevitably happens when a press release crosses the wire by having your own web site optimized to track this activity and follow the traffic being generated from your optimized press release to your own site.

We will have many more tips, hints and trends to share with everyone on the call so please plan on attending!

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