EON: Enhanced Online News Tips, Tools & a Webinar

Hello EON

I have been doing my weekly EON: Enhanced Online News webinar every Friday for Business Wire clients since January. EON: Enhanced Online News is Business Wire’s suite of services for assisting our clients in creating, delivering and measuring search engine optimized, interactive press releases for online audiences.

In doing a weekly one-hour webinar overview of search engine optimization, XHTML and social media as it relates to the press release, it really strikes me how much has changed in the understanding and application of these concepts and tools even in three short months. Increased use of XHTML formatting, anchor text and hyperlinks and Smart News Release multimedia content all enhance the release with information not only of interest to the media but also to customers and investors who are directly reading the Business Wire release online or via RSS feeds (just register at BusinessWire.com to to create  fully personalized and customized Business Wire news views by industry, language, topic or ticker for your RSS reader).

Our EON: Enhanced Online News specialist team has created several useful tip sheets such as “Writing For Robots versus Writing for Reporters”from our analysis and research on how the press release can be used as not only a media relations tool but also as a direct-to-consumer page of content found both as a search result on search engines and widely on online news sites, social media sites and the blogosphere.

If you are free this Friday, April 13th between 1-2 p.m. ET, join me to learn more about EON: Enhanced Online News.

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