Public Policy Wire Reaches Political Reporters, Government Decision-Makers and Voters

White House PhotoBusiness Wire’s new Public Policy Services Division has launched an array of specialized and unique distribution tools that are designed to help public affairs communicators get their message out to key audiences, including the media, government decision-makers, the public that goes online to read news, bloggers and other influentials.

Business Wire’s Vice President for Public Policy Services, Danny Selnick, with more than 20 years of Washington experience in the newswire business, said, “Public affairs communicators in government, associations, unions and non-profits are telling us that they increasingly have challenges in ‘breaking through’ to reach key audiences. At the same time, those that are beginning to use our new services are reporting that they are getting greater visibility and better results.”

Business Wire offers the DC Capital Circuit and National and State Public Policy Circuits, which are based on nationwide relationships with the media. The use of AP technology in sending news releases to the media ensures the right reporters at the correct copy desk get the story. Business Wire’s Public Policy Wire has the broadest reach to newsrooms and reporters covering issues of the day, while the DC Capital Circuit reaches hundreds of Washington-based newsrooms.

Business Wire has created issues-focused trade lists to reach individual reporters by name that cover the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, foreign affairs, sustainability and more. The State Policy Circuits are designed to get news not only to key media, but to newsrooms serving the local community. Additionally, the state circuits boast a comprehensive reach to radio and television stations that have newscasts.

Public Policy Services are also designed to reach decision-makers and elected officials. The National Policy and DC Capital Circuits are part of the news systems of the Congress and the White House. Business Wire Public Policy Services will also deliver a release to the members of the House, Senate or even committees. State Policy Circuits reach decision-makers at the state level – including governors’ offices and elected officials.

Decision-makers tell us that they want to receive news releases on breaking issues the same time as the media because it helps them to be better informed. Because of the ability to reach thousands of online databases, search engines, news portals and more, Business Wire is one of the most effective mechanisms to reach the online community including the public, influentials and even bloggers.

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