Press Release 2.0: Understanding Still Lacking

Since January when Web 2.0 and social media graced the cover of Time Magazine, my colleagues at Business WireTime Magazine cover and EON: Enhanced Online News have staged dozens of webinars, seminars and presentations spreading the gospel of Enhanced Online News to thousands of professional communicators. Our message: the humble press release, a foundation document, can be used not only as a traditional media relations tool, but as an effective addition to the business-to-consumer marketing mix.

Judging from the hype around the organic landscape of Web 2.0, you’d think every professional communicator on the planet was blogging, podcasting and pouring over their RSS feeds with their morning cup of coffee.   And between sips, they’re bookmarking to, posting their favorite content to, and surfing Technorati.

But in reality a gap–make that a canyon–of understanding exists.    While webinar attendees express uniform surprise at the 1% Rule (1% of the online population creates content, 9% participates in content, and the vast 90% of us consume content), their general lack of understanding reinforces it.  

Most clients still don’t know what an RSS feed is. One of the most frequently asked questions following our webinars: “What are Digg and Technorati?” And no one is jettisoning mainstream media any time soon–nor should they.

Fact is, none of these technologies are replacing prior iterations immediately.  Professional communicators today must do ALL the things he or she has done in the past–create useful, succinct, well-written content, sustain meaningful relationships with the media and key influencers, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY learning and utilizing the latest tools to convey messages in ways recipients prefer to receive them.   And while they’re at it, they need to justify their existence by demonstrating “measureable results.”

The good news is we at Business Wire and EON: Enhanced Online News are in a unique position to enlighten. As citizens of that grey triangle between professional communicators, mainstream media and new media, we offer a bunch of  “EON: Enhanced Online News Goodies” below–a collection of tips, links, and  handouts for understanding and embracing these newer technologies in the context of the humble press release.

Click, learn and enjoy.

EON: Enhanced Online News Tips: Writing for Reporters

EON: Enhanced Online News – Writing for Robots vs. Writing for Reporters

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 2.0

Explaining RSS the Oprah Way

The 1% Rule

EON: Enhanced Online News Webinar schedule

Please let us know what else we can do to further encourage understanding. 

One Response to Press Release 2.0: Understanding Still Lacking

  1. Jiyan says:

    Well said Monika,

    Newer technologies and media don’t really replace old – they mesh together to create a new landscape.


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