Tips on Writing a Press Release for Features Editors

Business Wire FeaturesWe’ve written a new tip sheet to help guide PR pros in writing an attractive Features press release. The piece provides a paragraph- by-paragraph breakdown on what to include for features editors. Or new Features Topic Series program just launched, with outreach to journalists with 2007 Features issue dates (pdf) and PR pros, with 2007 deadlines, and a new brochure with 2008 deadlines (pdf).

3 Responses to Tips on Writing a Press Release for Features Editors

  1. Joan Stewart says:

    I’m so glad to see you mentioned press releases.
    Writing and distributing press releases online to promote your business is one of the most powerful promotional strategies you can use. As a publicity expert, I get more questions about press releases than about any other topic.

    That’s why I created a free email tutorial called “89 Ways to Write Powerful Press Releases.” I explain why we should no longer be writing press releases only for the press, but for consumers who can find the releases online, click through to our websites and enter our sales cycle, even if journalists don’t think our release is worthy of attention.

    The course includes several terrific press release samples as well as “before” and “after” makeovers.

    You can sign up for the free press release writing tutorial at

    It’s a very long tutorial, with an entire week devoted to writing good headlines, but please stick with it. By the time you’re done, it will be like earning a master’s degree in writing and distributing press releases. And you’ll know more about this topic than many PR people.

  2. 3303 says:

    Thanks for information. Very intresting content.

  3. Press releases can really get your business noticed. I was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine last year as a result of a local press release! That release, which resulted in a write-up in Entrepreneur Magazine, has paid continuous dividends!
    We’re now “pressing” our newest site, Lets Go Banners and are submitting press releases to pr web, pr news, as well as local and regional papers.
    (I just wish I can be lucky enough to land a huge article like the Entrepreneur Mag article!)

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