The Press Release 2.0: A Users Guide

Since 1996 when we first posted press releases on the Internet, we’ve been encouraging clients to write them with an eye to both journalists and consumers and to include photos and interactive elements. We thought we’d share the real-world application of what you can do today with the Business Wire platform.

Check out this sample press release from Business Wire that we put together for an author’s upcoming book on PR. You’ll notice that we enable you to present your press release using many of the style guidelines you build into your original document, including bold, underlines, bulleted text and hyperlinked keywords. All of these can help enhance the search engine visibility of your press release, not to mention improve the readiblity and interactivity of your communications.

We provide easy access to your photos and multimedia, translated versions of your press release, a company information center, your contact information, social media icons, measurement reports and more. Earnings tables are also more attractive and readable. And, these style elements are pushed out over our network to recipients via XHTML and RSS on our patented NX distribution platform.

2 Responses to The Press Release 2.0: A Users Guide

  1. David says:

    A good idea of the web 2 vision is in a video on web analytics at Occam’s Razor, (all 55 minutes of it).

    After watching it I had a look at Survey Monkey which is mentioned in the video. This service lets you make surveys to email or paste into your site.

    How you use the survey is up to you but the analytics video talks about giving the customer a voice. The point is to find out who your visitors are, what they came looking for, why they could/couldn’t get what they wanted and what they need to be able to get what they want.

    That gets you feedback on which to base decisions that stats in analytics won’t get you.

    In a way it is all a return to the store owner who asks people questions and tailors his inventory accordingly.

  2. Dan Schawbel says:

    It’s very useful to have these social media press releases because it makes reporters find information quickly and concentrate on areas they are interested in.

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