“The Older the Berry, the Sweeter the Link Juice”

1996 Business Wire site logoQuite a bit of nattering lately regarding the advantages of youth and exuberance versus age and experience in the organic context of social media. I won’t take sides, but suffice to say I agree with Bill Sledzik who noted: “The older you get the more you appreciate how much more there is to learn — and experience.”Business Wire 1997 site graphic

Along those lines, it turns out that when it comes to websites, older is better.

 Yep, that’s right. The fourth most important overall factor in SEO is the Business Wire 1996 Site Today's News on the NetAGE of your site, says a 43-page report titled “Search Engine Ranking Factors V2,” and issued by seomoz.org.

According to this exhaustive document, the age of your site commands “exceptional importance.”

“Young sites must prove themselves before they can start ranking for much anything important; middle-aged sites are left to fight it out on their own; and well-aged sites enjoy a halo I wish I experienced in my personal life,” said Caveman, a renown SEO consultant and search engine marketer. And how about this quote from Todd Malicoat:Business Wire website “The older the berry, the sweeter the link juice.”

Since Business Wire was the first wire service to launch a website, wayBusiness Wire website back in 1995, I guess that gives us some SEO street cred.

The seomoz.org report collates the collective wisdom of 37 organic search engine wizards. The report claims to relate 90 – 95% of the knowledge available about the 200+ ranking elements for Google and other search engines. Give it a read.

One Response to “The Older the Berry, the Sweeter the Link Juice”

  1. Powerful article and insight…I have asked other SEO experts the significance of how much weight a sights age counted but they said it didn’t matter. I now know to concentrate my efforts on my more mature site. Thanks – Kris

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