A Couple of Upcoming (free) Webinars on SEO Tips for Press Releases

Enhanced Online NewsWe’ve set the final 2007 dates for our free webinar series on tips to enhance the search engine optimization of your press releases. Here are the two event topics and their remaining dates:

  • The Importance of SEO and Social Media for Press Releases (November 7, November 30)
  • Optimizing Your News Releases for Search: Developing Effective Keyword Strategies (November 9)

The webinars focus on ways to maximize the search engine impact of your press releases, with tips on how to identify and optimize relevant and popular keywords and phrases. Discussion also focuses on best practices in release formatting of content such as utilizing text links and design elements to enhance traffic and interaction with your audiences. Click here for more details and for webinar registration.

3 Responses to A Couple of Upcoming (free) Webinars on SEO Tips for Press Releases

  1. Hi

    I’m sorry I missed these, will you be holding any further webinars? I am always interested in learning more about seo techniques. Right now I am trying out a new company that promise to get my site to number 1 on google for 5 keywords which will be really cool, (for free initially) however the interesting part will come when I find out if I picked the right keywords so that my mass of organic traffic is targetted and ready to buy into my biz..

  2. It was a great experience to watch this webiners. I was looking for such type of source that provide more details about seo techniques. I have a website that needs to be popularized and this seminar is of great value to me. Thanks for such an important webiners.

  3. thanks for the great seo information. our agency has started sharing some of our seo secrets as well.

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