Business Wire Announces New Website Design, SEO, and Multimedia Features


Following a successful soft launch in December, we are glad to officially announce our new website upgrade. Over the next few blog posts we’ll discuss the changes we made on our site. The overarching theme of all these updates is making the content we distribute on behalf of our clients as accessible as possible to all the different user groups who look for it, and in the ways they look for it. First, our new and improved website design and accessibility. 

So how is the new website design different and better now? Here’s what we did:


After successfully introducing a few new international websites in 2007, we were ready to shower our main website with some additional attention as well. So in order to make the site look more up-to-date we decided to make it a bit cleaner, less cluttered, and make more effective use of white space. We’ve also reorganized some of our pages in a way that makes important content visible to those looking for it, and in a way that fits the ways in which they look for it. Below is a screen grab of the new homepage design: homepage


In addition to the improved look-and-feel, the new homepage structure strikes a good balance between offering news content and highlighting Business Wire’s key products and services. It highlights various important products such as our PR, IR, and Media services, while still displaying our news feed in a visible place on the page. It also highlights more clearly many important features such as our RSS links, tradeshow news, Business Wire’s own news, and more. This updated look and structure extends to our internal pages as well. Here is a screenshot of our new Products and Services section: 


Business Wire Products and Services 

Search and User Visibility: 

On the accessibility front, we’ve updated our website code to include improved labeling and tagging of different parts of our pages, in order to make it easier for search engines to spider our content; made it simpler and leaner under the hood so that pages load faster; optimized the site for some newer versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari; and switched to a unified URL structure that also makes our content more search friendly and enables more accurate traffic measurement. All these increase the likelihood of our clients’ press releases showing up higher in search results, and of users being able to more easily and quickly access our clients’ releases.

Search Engine Optimization is a moving target, and there are no silver bullets. However, we continuously enhance our SEO efforts. Examples of this include offering our EON: Enhanced Online News search and social-media-ready platform; continuously providing our clients with tips and best practices on how to better communicate in the new media landscape and make their content as web-friendly as possible; and helping clients understand how to combine SEO efforts across press releases, new online services, and their own websites. Our continuous upgrades, like the one we’ve announced today, is another example of how keep making our content as accessible as possible.  We encourage you to check out our new site design, and as usual, feel free to let us know what you think.

The official press release is here. Stay tuned for more on our multimedia and sharing updates.

5 Responses to Business Wire Announces New Website Design, SEO, and Multimedia Features

  1. Joe Beaulaurier - PRWeb says:

    This was no small endeavor and the results look wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. sanjai says:

    Great look, I love this.

  3. You say SEO is a moving target and there are no Silver Bullets. How do you enhance your SEO efforts?

  4. Al Castle says:

    This looks great! I have an idea of how much work went into this – the team did great work.

    Below the fold could use a little more redesign on the main page. I would take the first two left most columns (Business Wire News, RSS News Feeds, Hot Topics) and make them take up less vertical space and more horizontal. So that they all sit side by side taking up the full width of the page.

    Then take the “Latest News from Business Wire” and put it below that row, but divide it into two more columns. The overall effect will be less scrolling and better layout / presentation. While still allowing for content expansion.

    That’s a free tip – write it down kids.

    The next step if I may so humbly suggest, is some Apache rewrite rules to make all of your URLs cleaner and more SEO.

    Don’t take my suggestions as criticisms, the site really looks great.

  5. And now we all have to reconsider our website designing all over again, given that mobile devices are now being used to ‘shop the internet’ daily. Darn, and just when we were all getting comfy with HTML 4, huh.

    Oh well… Mohandas Gandhi said it best; “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” And I do love learning new techie stuff!


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