International Press Release Distribution: The Three T’s

Icon-Globe-Arrows-OutFor public relations and investor relations folks working on international press release outreach, we offer a Tips & Tools section on our site that might help. Our International Media Tips post features “The Three T’s – Targeting, Timing and Translations.”

Knowing where, when and how to send your press releases means you’ll reach audiences worldwide more efficiently. These tips, assembled by our in-house international media experts, helps guide you about the differences among our international circuits, what time to release your news for optimum impact, and how to factor translations into your plans.

For more information on any of our international services, contact your local Business Wire bureau – no matter where in the world you are!

2 Responses to International Press Release Distribution: The Three T’s

  1. Bob Madden says:

    Interesting topic on press release. I’m always seeking business information for my website G5 Business Directory.
    Would like to venture off in press releases for more exposure. Thanks for this valuable topic.


  2. With so much going on in the economy right now, it’s pretty clear that people need to be informed and take the steps necessary to be protected from a recession. I hope to see more people think less about the entitlement of a job and get more creative and intactive in the economy.

    I for one am a big supporter of home based businesses but there are many other options that fit people as well. It just comes down to being a smart marketer.

    Using Press Releases is just one tool of many.

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