Wire Services Don’t “Go To Technorati,” Nor Should They

Curious clients have posed the following question of late :  “Do you go to Technorati?”                                                                              

Well, not exactly.   “Going” to Technorati is a misnomer, since what Technorati does is index blog content, not press releases.

Take the blog post you are now reading.  When I hit the “publish” button, the clever WordPress interface I’m using sends a message–or “ping”–to Technorati and other blog search engines.   When blog search engines receive the ping, they deploy a “spider,” or automated search program to come see what’s new.  

Magic pixie dust?

That content is then indexed against all the other content competing for your attention.  The order in which the blog search engine results are served up is based on hundreds of variables–things like in- and out-bound links, how many clicks those links are getting, what authority the blog has, how long it’s been around, how frequently it’s updated, and a slew of ever-changing factors.

So:  does Business Wire and EON Enhanced Online News “go” to Technorati?  You mean do press releases sent on Business Wire and EON: Enhanced Online News–or any wire service for that matter–show up in the Technorati blog search engine results?

Only if bloggers reference the content in the context of a blog post.  

The goal of the professional communicator should be to engage the blogosphere to write (preferably positively) about your company or organization.  Press releases, well-done, are a powerful tool for accomplishing just that.

Sorry, there’s no Magic Pixie Dust.  Wish there were.    We’re back to good content, well written, appropriately distributed.   That’s why you get paid the big bucks.

P.S.   Communicators who want to guarantee that their press releases are indexed by Technorati and other blog search engines should start their own blogs, follow best SEO practices, and figure out relevant ways to work their press release content into them.

4 Responses to Wire Services Don’t “Go To Technorati,” Nor Should They

  1. A couple years ago this topic came up in a Google Group (http://groups.google.com/group/newmediarelease/msg/351abd41ce4df1a0). Then, as it does today, the same best practices apply.

  2. Well written article, and I agree entirely. Thank you for your fresh point of view. Keep up the good work.

  3. Peggy says:

    I love the reference to how there is no “Magic SEO pixie dust”. Many businesses still operate under the assumption that all they have to do is put up a web page and they are then “on the internet “. Like any area of business, there is no substitute for hard work and good copy. Clients do not magically push the buy button just because you have a web site up. Although there is no magic SEO pixie dust, there are people who can help them improve their SEO.

  4. Zirkamer says:

    Making sure to gather all the information you can is very important when setting up an online venture. I have spent countless hours learning about this type of business. It has surely paid off. Content is king and must be well written. Great post.

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