Business Wire and Digital Citizen Team Up for Corporate Video Products

dcm_logoIn recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in popularity of online video. Earlier this year, comScore reported that Americans watched 11.5 billion online videos in the month of March alone. However, despite the perception that this number mainly illustrates the growing interest in user generated video, it is actually professionally produced content that is proving to be the most popular.

In a study by online media and technology company Burst Media, 72.1 percent of respondents view online video content, with 58.8 percent reporting that they watch at least once a week. Interestingly, just 15.4 percent of respondents for the Burst study reported being interested in home/user generated video. In contrast, almost half, 44.4 percent, said they were most interested in news clips.cpkyoutube

With the way people view information online changing, so is the way companies communicate with their customers. To help companies do that, we’ve teamed up with leading digital media production and content management company Digital Citizen Media to provide professional video tools to our members for their corporate communications needs.

Under our new partnership, Business Wire members can use Digital Citizen to create, produce and manage video content to use in Business Wire Smart News Releases, Video Annual Reports (VARs), Corporate Profiles and other forms of corporate communication. Corporate video can be a particularly good investment because footage can often be repurposed for a variety of other uses, including training videos, Web site videos and b-roll.

What’s your view on corporate online videos? Do you think it’s a good channel for companies to communicate with their audiences?

4 Responses to Business Wire and Digital Citizen Team Up for Corporate Video Products

  1. Vanessa Bright says:

    This is very interesting… How would the video be incorporated into Press Releases? Would the video be optimized (or have an opportunity to be optimized) for universal search (to be shown by Google, etc. for a specific term in the portion of video results)?

  2. Great questions, Vanessa. Our clients send us their videos and Business Wire uploads them to YouTube, Google Video,, Yahoo Video, and MySpace TV. BW videos frequently show up on AOL Video, Blinkx , MSN Video search, and others.

    The usual optimization possibilities apply, but those are are up to the client. What’s unusual about what we do is we host the video in multiple formats–dial-up, broadband, quicktime, Windows Mediaplayer–to make it as easy as possible for readers/viewers to repurpose or access the content. Check out this recent example:


  3. Vanessa Bright says:

    Wow! This is very exciting… Thank you. I read more about Smart News Releases and ready to run to the PR department – I think I have an excellent topic to discuss with a couple of friends…


  4. Dave Toole says:

    It’s great to see the adoption of video for press releases and corporate communications.
    We are finding the market taking off as people are finding producers in our network for
    video production. Story telling about what your products can do is an exciting new way
    to use video and has shown a 300% increase in retention from text.

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