Like An Elevator Speech, Only Shorter

As PR pros and journalists continue to adopt Twitter, Dan Martin, a UK journalist, is conducting an interesting experiment — taking PR pitches only by Twitter.  For 48 hours, Martin requests no phone calls, no emails, and no multiple tweets; just a single message of up to 140 characters for your whole pitch–in other words, a “twitch.”

Martin, who has some 688 followers on Twitter, had received 15 pitches as of yesterday. He says that’s pretty typical volume, but rids him of phone calls and a clogged inbox.  Martin has promised to publish the tweets and let readers know which generated coverage.  No doubt journalists are definitely using Twitter, and it’s wise to use proper etiquette when reaching out to them.

What do you think: Will you twitch a journalist — that is, pitch him or her in 140 characters or less?  And, if so, what does this do for the evolving practice of public relations? Let us know what you think.

2 Responses to Like An Elevator Speech, Only Shorter

  1. Raschanda says:

    We Twitched @TheKillerPitch for a media breakfast panel in LA last summer and he agreed it was great!

  2. Great post, “twitting” is so hot right now!

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