No Joke: Fighting PR Tomfoolery on April Fools’ Day

As much as we enjoy playing spectator to the fake news circuit, we appreciate the mention of our April Fools’ policy in PR Newser’s round-up of this year’s tries in headlining gotchas. Business Wire continued its strict vigilance against April Fools’ related joke releases crossing our wire this April 1st. As our senior vice president of Marketing, Business Wired’s own Tom Becktold put it:

“For Business Wire, April Fools is a pretty high-alert day. Our newsrooms and staff are on the lookout to block April Fools press releases from getting on our wire. We ask our clients not to send us fake press releases tied to April Fools campaigns…Our users trust us for legitimate copy.”

It doesn’t sound like many mainstream sources fell for the Lawn Mower Racing Hall of Fame & Museum of America from the US Lawn Mower Racing Association (the museum is fake, but the organization is real) or The Guardian newspaper’s switch to a completely Twitter-based platform (okay, that one was pretty good). Still, we’re sticking to our policy of leaving releases not marked as an April Fools’ item off our wire on April 1st. Sorry, jokesters.

2 Responses to No Joke: Fighting PR Tomfoolery on April Fools’ Day

  1. david says:

    interesting post, much of what you say is very informal and could help a lot of people

  2. […] For us that warning is clear. At Business Wire we have our own one-liner of a policy and it is  to leave “releases not marked as April Fools’ item[s] off our wire on April 1st. Sorry jokesters” […]

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