Charlotte-Area Communications Professionals Discuss Marketing in Challenging Times


Business Wire Charlotte hosted a lunch on April 28th to discuss “Effective Communications Strategies in Challenging Times.” The discussion, led by Charlotte-area PR, IR and media professionals, revolved around the best practices for getting your good news out in a struggling economy.


The panel of speakers (left to right in the above photo) included:

Brandon Uttley (far right), President of Web Business Freedom as well as the Charlotte chapter of PRSA, moderated the event to over 40 communications professionals.

Some notes from the discussion:

  • Whenever possible, offer full access to your company’s CEO. A reporter will rarely turn down the opportunity to meet with a C-level executive no matter what the topic is.
  • Since the economy is struggling, steer your angle towards ways to help people (ie. ways to reduce spending, create jobs, etc.) to guarantee media coverage.
  • Don’t just rely on Twitter or blogging to communicate your company news. Keep a relationship with your local media to get real coverage.
  • After you send out a release, tweet about it to get conversations going about it.
  • If you don’t have big news to announce, get creative and find ways to keep your company’s name in the media through feature-type articles.
  • Monitor what people are saying about you in blogs.

For more information on local Business Wire events in your area and what’s coming up on our award-winning webinar series, be sure to check out upcoming Business Wire events.

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