Press Release Case Study #1: Lessons Learned From Texas Armoring Corporation

We had such a successful webinar last week on press release case studies that I thought I’d recap and suggest “lessons learned” from each case.

For those who missed our webinar, we took five recent press releases and asked our clients:

1.  What was the goal of the press release?

2.  Did the press release meet or exceed expectations?  and,

3.  Was it worth it?

All five clients answered the above questions “YES.”  Each example featured a great story, well told, and smartly distributed.  In our webinar poll, Texas Armoring Corporation won the “readers’ choice” for favorite case study of the five presented. 

No surprise.  This press release had everything:  a great story including the drama of guns, violence, and international intrigue, a timely news hook (carjackings of the wealthy in Mexico), and a rich, well-built news release complete with a photo and deep links.  When the Associated Press picked up the story, well, read on….

Texas Armoring Corporation

Circuit:  San Antonio/Metro and Mexico w/ photo

Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) is a small company of 50 in San Antonio, Texas, that transforms cars into armored vehicles. One car cult website described TAC as “a Texas company building pedestrian-looking cars capable of withstanding snipers and IEDs.”Univision featured Texas Armoring Corporation after a successful press release.

In addition to visibility and branding, TAC’s goal for this press release was to generate sales leads from private, wealthy individuals concerned with safety in Mexico. Their initial Business Wire release was widely syndicated and produced respectable link clicks,  but when the story was picked up by the Associated Press, a media avalanche ensued.

Geraldo, CNN, and myriad TV affiliates jumped on the press release–even in español!   A reporter from Univision visited the TAC facility and recorded dramatic footage of an AK-47 blasting at a TAC-treated windshield and resulting only in a bullet sized hole with spiderweb cracked glass.  Very impressive.

Jason Forston, Executive VicePresident of Texas Armoring,  relayed that he did no pitching, and yet more than 160 editorial articles and dozens of video clips resulted from the press release.   “Our competitors are now imitating our every move—we’re truly leading the industry in a new way as a result of the coverage,” said Forston.

“It’s hard to quantify where every single lead comes from, ” said Forston.  “We had three- four sales from the U.S.–direct sales from the press release.”   NOTE:  a sale is worth more than six figures to Texas Armoring.

Lesson learned:  A great story, excellent photos and formatting, deep links that drive traffic, and turning the head of your local AP reporter can result in massive coverage that drives sales.

To watch the entire press release case studies webinar, check out the archived event.

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