Press Release Case Study #2: Heinz Launches MyHeinz Personalized Ketchup With Pittsburgh Steelers Tie-In

Latching on to a timely news hook is a great way to turn an ordinary story powered by a press release into online traction and product sales.  Heinz North America played that move brilliantly in the following press release case study highlighted at a recent Business Wire webinar.

Heinz aimed to promote MyHeinz, a custom ketchup site where one can create mini ketchup bottles with personalized labels.  Want  John & Amy’s Ketchup on the table at your third wedding anniversary barbecue?  Well is where you make it happen.


How to get the word out?  Heinz, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  waited for a timely news cue:  the Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent sixth Super Bowl win.  Oh and did I mention these custom commemorative ketchups come in six- packs?  Six for six–get it?  The adorable Steelers “six packs” of ketchup feature each of the storied team’s six Super Bowl Wins.

The press release announced the availability of the Steeler’s commemorative pack (they’re still available, by the way, if you want one) and added the product photo (above) to attract more attention.   They also included links to the MyHeinz webpage.  The release ran on Business Wire’s National circuit with an additional EON: Enhanced Online News posting.

The result?  Heinz saw an extra 20,000 visitors to their site and 5,000 six-packs sold–@ $36 a pop!

“We received a significant influx of traffic to the web site as a direct result of the press release distribution…and had direct pick-up of the release on key news sites that directly target our consumers,”  said Tracy Parsons,   Heinz North America Manager, Public Relations.

Lesson learned:  A timely news hook and a great photo can get you on the radar screen of consumers and result in online sales.

To watch the entire press release case studies webinar, check out the archived event.

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