Why Advertise in Trade Publications?

We came across this gem of a blog post on Twitter last week and, like the blogger who repurposed it, thought it was an excellent piece on the merits of supporting trade publications that deserved to be more widely read by as many Public Relations Firms.  Below is an excerpt of  the original piece by Caryn Cohen of Wall Street Communications:

Why do you care if they stay in business? These brands provide credibility to your marketing messages. Their readers, subscribers etc. are loyal to these brands because they provide them with information about the products and services in their respective industries that they need to know about to make decisions. These media brands have the thousands of subscribers they have because they are viewed as a credible resource for information. So when your company is covered by a journalist in the trades, that information has much more credibility than if the company provided it on it’s own to the reader.

Here at Business Wire, we couldn’t agree more.  While we are quite active in the web’s social sphere, we are also active supporters of PR and IR industry trade publications as advertisers, contributors, and event sponsors.  Beyond that, we also work closely with and highly value our relationships with trade publications across a wide range of vertical markets.  Trades are a key component in effective distribution of client press releases and we hope that they will survive and thrive regardless of the economic climate.

As Caryn states, trade publications have established themselves as “credible resource[s] for information” and insight about products and services and most will not be easily replaced.

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