Editor’s Corner – November Edition

EditorsCornerheaderWith 30 bureaus around the world and more newsrooms than all of our competitors combined, Business Wire is proud to provide local expertise and superior service, backed by the most accurate editors in the world. In Editor’s Corner, we ask some of our best to chime in on how to get the most out of your press release, based on their years of experience in the industry.


Business Wire NY Editor Mike Maguire

As a 20 year veteran of Business Wire and 25 year veteran of the newswire business, I am often asked…how do I make the most out of my press release?

For those that use a commercial newswire like Business Wire, one of the most important things to remember is timing the story so that it can get maximum attention.

Does it make sense to send a story out at 8 a.m., when there are potentially 100 other stories moving at that time of the day?  The answer is no.  While we ultimately will send a release when a client desires, we also are in the business of making sure customers are getting maximum attention on their story – both in the preparation phase and the ultimate launch time.  Often sending the release before the top of the hour is much more effective than on the hour, when the majority of releases are sent.  This gives editors time to get on your news first.  This General Mills release from Sept. 23 is a prime example.

Additionally, take a look at the major news events of the day when you are scheduling a release.  Try to stay away from the times when major economic reports are being issued – such as jobs data, durable goods, housing reports and Federal Reserve decision days.  Giving editors time to digest those numbers gives your release a better chance of actually getting read than sending a release when those reports are being made public.  The Economic Calendar on Bloomberg.com is a good reference for any IR or PR professional.

Finally, in this age of multimedia, social media and sharing, do more with the copy in your release. Put in links to other sources/references for the reporter or reader. Add photo and video (they cost the same on Business Wire) to make the release jump off the page. These are just some ways to get the most out of your release.

-Mike Maguire, National Editorial Supervisor, Business Wire New York

One Response to Editor’s Corner – November Edition

  1. I greatly appreciate your professional insight as I’m still learning the publicity process.

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