Delicious New Ways to Find Niche Story Ideas

A tried and true technique in the world of public relations is to hook your news to a popular story.  Many experienced PR practitioners are great at this, but in today’s media world, narrowly targeted and easily accessible ‘hit’ stories are often overlooked.  However, building off these hits or using them for PR inspiration can be easy if you know where to look.

Take this page on, for instance.  If you are an experienced Delicious user, you can gather a lot of information on what to expect simply from the URL: Screenshot

Translated into plain English, this page is composed of recently popular web pages that have been tagged with ‘Public Relations’ by Delicious users.  One article that immediately jumps out to me is the AdAge piece about PR Managers converging on Marketing.  Perhaps we can reference it or build off of it in a future press release, webinar, blog post, or newsletter item.

You can browse Delicious’ popular listings for any relevant tag and find inspiration and topics that people are interested in right now.

Another great place to look is  Tweetmeme collects and categorizes ‘tweets’ across Twitter to determine what webpages are getting popular or have been popular in the last day or week based on the number of ‘tweets’ and ‘retweets’ including the same webpage.  You can either browse by category or search based on keywords, but be sure to select ‘Top in 24 Hours’ or ‘Top in 7 Days’ to see the most popular stories.  Below is a recent screenshot of the Technology News category. Screenshot

Other useful aggregation sites include,,, and along with countless others focusing on different niche and vertical markets.

2 Responses to Delicious New Ways to Find Niche Story Ideas

  1. bill fitzgerald says:

    This is a neat / simple outline demonstrating how powerful bookmarking and article publishing can be. Thanks. Bill

  2. Alex Beevers says:

    I really enjoyed the information you have provided.I applaud your commitment to giving out great information. Easy to read, engaging and spot on! Well done. Keep the good work going.

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