SEO Tip Jar: Getting the Most Out Of Your Links

Looking to learn more about the art and science of Search Engine Optimization? Join Joseph Miller, EON Product Manager, for a new batch of tips from his SEO Tip Jar.

In the age of Google, links truly make the world go round and your press releases are no exception.  Every press release is an opportunity to push your story out to the world and influence how your company is seen, not only by people but search engines as well.

In the previous edition of SEO Tip Jar, I went into the why behind the benefit of links.  This article will cover some success stories and techniques on how to get more benefit from your links.

Search engines consider hundreds of factors in determining their ever-changing search rankings for pages across the web, but chief among them is link text from other sites.  Consider a site such as, the official site of the National Basketball League.   Using an analysis tool, I can see that some of the most popular keywords linking to are: NBA,, National Basketball Association, NBA Official Site, Basketball, and NBA Basketball.

All these keywords linking to them reinforce both the brand name and the site’s strong relevance to basketball, so it’s no surprise that is the top result in search.

Your company or organization may not have the wide consumer reach of the NBA, but you still need to build awareness regardless of your industry or niche.  Every press release you put out is an easy opportunity to build more links and generate long-term SEO advantages for your site.

When crafting the links in your next release, try to do one or more of the following:

1.  Avoid using link text such as here or click here whenever possible.

2.  Don’t just link to your homepage.  Other pages of your site may have more specific or relevant content for certain searchers, and links directly to these pages will help boost their rankings.

3.  When creating pages or sections on your site that you’d like to build more awareness for, name them descriptively to make keyword friendly linking easier.  In the example below, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group uses their press release to create a link to a page of their site descriptively named the Bluetooth Gadget Guide.

It’s no surprise that this link is among the factors that contributes to their Bluetooth Gadget Guide being the top result for the search term on Google.

4.  Consider all the areas where you can maximize your linking resources such as press releases, industry associations, and partner sites and make sure the links are relevantly and descriptively worded.

For example, we often use the link text ‘award-winning webinar series’ in our releases to link back to an existing release announcing our award.  This has resulted in the original release holding a top spot on Google for the search term award-winning webinar series.

I hope these tips help you get more out of your links in your future press releases and beyond.  Please let me know if you have any linking questions or comments.

4 Responses to SEO Tip Jar: Getting the Most Out Of Your Links

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