Silicon Valley Experts Discuss Communications in the Conversational Age

Over 160 PR and IR professionals joined our Business Wire Silicon Valley media breakfast panel at Advanced Micro Devices’ (AMD) Conference center on Thursday, January 14th, in Sunnyvale, CA for an engaging discourse on best practices in public and media relations. Here is a video from the event:

Moderated by Anthony DeRico, Director of Digital Media at Nielsen and co-founder of Think Communications, the thought leaders and panelists included:

Here are some of the key insights provided by our panelists:

Courtney Barnes

  • Integrating social media strategies into overall communications models must encompass messages from all departments, i.e. PR, sales, CRM data and customer service, etc.
  • Set expectations and objectives up front for your company’s social media strategy with the creation of a ‘steering committee’ that reflects all the departments needs.
  • Create ground rules for who and what is appropriate to discuss in a social media program. For example, no one can discuss financial or new product announcements.  This internal discipline will help the legal and IR functions.
  • The policy for your social media program must reflect the culture of the organization, must evolve and must grow.

Rachel Polish

  • Social media and your organizations position does not live in a vacuum.  The programs must be integrated to illustrate same goals and same ROI.
  • The importance of having a company blog is imperative to lasting readership, dialogue, and community building.  Creating a ‘digital roundtable’ is like another focus group and extension.
  • Encourage blog posts to incorporate multimedia like video & images to maximize your messages. Text postings are not enough in today’s social media atmosphere.
  • Social media policy’s of companies like Intel or Coca-Cola are available online as public information and can be accessed via a simple search.
  • Conversation mapping and research are imperative to your brand’s social media program.  What are people saying?

Ruth Cotter

  • The Social Media Council at AMD’s provides strategic thinking and advice to support the PR and IR initiatives, ensuring all departments are ‘at the table,’ (IR, PR, legal, sales, etc.)
  • The Social Media Council created ground rules for everyone so that everyone is aware of what to share and how.  For example, no one is allowed to discuss financials or new products.
  • At AMD, the IR team is conversational and they monitor Wall Street forums and Investor blogs to leverage activities and announcements.

Kellie Parker

  • Kellie has found that a lot of executives even in the game world are still not up to speed on the value, trends, strategies and metrics available to quantify and fold social media strategies into PR program.
  • Kellie shared that it’s imperative that the social media messages that you push reflect the brand.  At Sega, they are able to talk more conversationally and casually to their audience.
  • Kellie also mentioned that they re-purpose press releases into blog posts by scaling down the message via a more conversational tone and language.
  • The Community Team has been very successful in driving traffic and conversation to there Sega blog via weekly giveaways and promotions there by recycling gaming gifts to members and fans.
  • They are also a huge part of Sega’s tradeshow and events team and were live on CES’s floor, tweeting and blogging about all the latest products, news and trends.

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