How Many Links are Enough? It Depends: All Things Press Release Podcast

We talk a lot about links in press releases at Business Wire.  Why?

Because links are important signposts for both readers and search engine robots.   They can help with your page rank, drive traffic to your website, amplify your message and help increase engagement and understanding.

In this edition of  the  All Things Press Release podcast,  our EON Product Manager Joseph Miller shares insights about how links work and why it’s important to be judicious about their inclusion in press releases.

Please take a listen and let us know what you think.

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One Response to How Many Links are Enough? It Depends: All Things Press Release Podcast

  1. benboothe says:

    We at Global Perspectives ( get news releases and story ideas from readers in 20 nations. We always like it when they include links, videos, and so forth, because reading is becoming more interactive. Even on the Amazon books and electronic book lists we are seeing more and more books with links, videos, and sub links. It makes for an interesting, if not distracting read. In news releases I understand the issues, and most editors and newsmen used to consider personal references, and contact information self serving. But, get real now, every news release is self serving.

    Check out our site, like I say, since 1989. Would love for you to contribute an article sometime.

    Ben Boothe
    Global Perspectives

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