PR Peeps Poll: 18% haven’t downloaded any apps to their SmartPhone

The periodic PR Peeps Poll results are in and suggest  that of those PR folks  who own SmartPhones, 18% have yet to download any apps.

What does that mean?   Perhaps the ultimate app, the web browser, already comes pre-installed on every phone and covers most people’s basic browsing needs.

Of the 82% of SmartPhone owners who HAVE downloaded apps onto their mobile devices,  the largest group–53, or 36%–have added “5-10” apps to their device.   Another 31 folks, or 20%, have downloaded “10-20” apps, while 39, or 26%, have installed “more than 20” apps onto their SmartPhones.

Interestingly, the largest percentage of those who took the poll–79 out of 228–did NOT even own a SmartPhone.   We especially appreciate their participation.

Here’s the details of the March Poll:

How many apps do you have on your SmartPhone?*
  • 26, or 18%, said  “Haven’t installed any yet.”
  • 53, or 36%, said “5 – 10”
  • 31, or 20%, said “10 – 20”
  • 39, or 26%, said “More than 20”

*We removed 79 of those polled who said they did not have a SmartPhone.

To those who participated, thank you–-and how about helping with our next PR Peeps Poll:   Do you insert hyperlinks into your press releases? Please let us know.
And:  Speaking of apps, download Business Wire’s app, then enter into our 3x a week drawing for a Best Buy gift card.

228 respondents via Twitter and Business Wire webinar polls.  Poll conducted March 1 – April  8 2010.

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