Business Wire’s Ibrey Woodall on Mobile Investor Relations

Ibrey Woodall

Business Wire’s Director of Client Development, Ibrey Woodall, has an article in today’s Bulldog Reporter IR Alert, “Are You Ready for 3G IR? Investor Relations Should Heed the Momentum of Mobile.” With the explosive growth of the mobile internet, financial and investor information joins the other types of content that needs to be prepared for the 3-inch screen, and as soon as possible.

Ibrey offers key tips for getting your own site up to speed:

As many components, as technically possible, that are found within an investor relations website should also be readily available for mobile browsing. Stock quotes, stock charts, stock history, events, investor relations contacts, company information, financial press releases and more should be properly formatted for legibility. Smartphones have small viewing screens, so attention to display is particularly important for financial content. Table columns should line up, navigation icons should be larger, and scrolling should be limited to one direction.

Click through to read even more in-depth suggestions and analysis.

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