OMG, AP’s New Stylebook Has a Social Media Section!

The new AP Stylebook, released on 6/2/10, has six pages of social media guidelines.  Why should journalists or press release crafters care?  Although standardizing the spelling of “website” might be welcome news (at least to those of us who use this term frequently), surely we all know what LOL means?

According to Sally Jacobsen, one of three AP Stylebook editors, “although many people are familiar with these abbreviations, they may not know how to use them correctly in a news story” (as noted in a PoynterOnline story about the guidelines.)

In fact, AP style and what the stylebook says matters enough that the “website” change back in April was a trending topic on Twitter.  (And yes, “trending” is included in the stylebook as an accepted verb, as is “crowdsourcing.”)

Meanwhile, AP is using social media to solicit feedback about the Stylebook.  Quotes the Poynter story:  (An @APStylebook tweet from last weekend: “We love hearing Stylebook Online described as ‘freaking awesome,’ even if that phrase isn’t in the Stylebook.”)

Business Wire has always used the AP Stylebook to guide our editors in formatting clients’ press releases, ensuring that your news always adheres to the latest standards. And journalists and writers, who appreciate not having to do rewrites, surely appreciate it!

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