Why Add Links to your Press Releases? Ask Nieman Journalism Lab


by Monika Maeckle, Vice President, New Media

Still need convincing that adding hyperlinks to your press releases is a good idea?  Look no further than The Nieman Journalism Lab’s recent series on hyperlinking web content.

The Lab, a nonprofit based at Harvard which attempts to “help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age,” explores everything from why links are a good thing to how major journalism institutions are utilizing them–or not.  These conflicting attitudes seem to mirror those of the PR profession.  

When reading the series, if you substitute the words “public relations ” for “online journalism,” and “press release” for “storytelling,” you have an excellent tutorial on the wiles and ways of hyperlinking.    This should be required reading, folks.

Here’s the series with LINKS:

How News Orgs are using links–or not

How news orgs talk about links–what their policies and conflicts are.

Four journalistic purposes of the noble hyperlink

If you’re wondering why we’re so bent on encouraging the use of hyperlinks, it’s because it’s in your interest and ours to have successful press releases.  Since our recent research suggests only 13.5% of you put links in your press releases, we’re urging those of you who don’t link to please get busy.

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