Have You Heard? We’re #1.

We were recently informed by the kind folks at the online brand optimization platform Heardable that Business Wire is currently the number one brand on their Heardable 100 list which measures thousands of online brands across a variety of metrics which they classify into categories including:

  • Portable (optimized for mobile browsers?)
  • Shareable (is it easy to send and receive feeds?)
  • Measurable (do you use analytics?)
  • Actionable (do you make it easy for visitors to engage with me?)
  • Sociable (do you participate in social media?)
  • Searchable (is your site SEO friendly)

To be honest, we were both surprised and honored to top a list that includes major brands such as CNN, Walmart and the NBA, but it is certainly nice to be recognized for our efforts.  Heardable CEO Jon told us of our ranking, “Hats off to Business Wire — the #1 most effective online brand in our database of over 270,000 companies worldwide. It’s an amazing feat considering Heardable’s unique ABLE engine analyzes 438 separate data points for each brand and its competitors, isolating those areas in which the business has an advantage over its competition and which areas it needs to improve. Several marketing professionals have said that a Heardable Score is like a FICO score for brands. In that sense, Business Wire has an excellent brand rating and deserves much acclaim for its online marketing efforts.”

Feel free to look at Business Wire’s Heardable score and don’t forget to browse the Heardable 100 or sign your company up for a free account.  You might even knock us off the top perch!

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