A Closer Look at the BRIC Countries: China

by Neil Hershberg, Senior Vice President, Global Media, Business Wire New York

BRIC Country FlagsThis is the final installation of Business Wire’s series on the “BRIC countries“– Brazil, Russia, India and China, emerging economic powerhouses that are widely anticipated to drive global growth in the 21st century. The BRICS, an acronynm coined by former Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill nine years ago, are responsible for almost half of the global growth since the financial crisis began in 2007, according to recent published reports.

The series thus far has examined Business Wire’s distribution capabilities in each dynamic market, focusing on its  exclusive partnerships that effectively reach the news media, portals, business-to-business sector, and the local investment community. China is certainly no exception in terms of Business Wire’s unique ability to penetrate challenging and complex international markets.

While most major economies are still struggling to regain their financial footing in the wake of the meltdown, China’s stupendous growth has continued largely unabated. It recently became the world’s second largest economy, fueling an international acquisitions program of historic propositions, primarily in the realm of natural resources.

China’s unbridled growth shows no signs of slowing down. Surging domestic demand (the country surpassed the United States as the world’s largest passenger car market), and a government-backed clean energy push provide strong momentum for sustained economic acceleration.

Business Wire’s distribution partner in this pivotal market is Interfax China, the country’s largest foreign news gathering organization.

Covering the length and breadth of China’s out-sized geography is no mean feat. Most foreign news organizations content themselves with a scalpel approach, slicing off bits of digestible information and feeding it to a general readership. Not Interfax China. In terms of sheer information gathering capabilities, no other foreign news outfit in China has the reach, access and market intelligence enjoyed by this respected international information agency’s over 30 experienced journalists and analysts, and a team of senior overseas editors operating out of bureaus in Beijing and Shanghai.

Interfax China is an agile and energetic information-gathering service, mobile enough to provide probative sector-specific daily and weekly reports from the western-most reaches of Xingjiang Autonomous Region to the sprawling megalopolis of Chongqing and the ministries of the nation’s capital. Founded in 2000, Interfax China has chronicled this amazing growth story, following the progress and missteps of emerging privately-held tech firms and state-owned energy Leviathans alike. And, in the process, the agency has gained an insider’s knowledge of Mainland China – knowledge it shares with the world.

Business Wire has successfully leveraged its privileged relationship with Interfax China to provide turnkey access to a marketplace that is enormously promising, yet enigmatic.

Interfax China benefits from its longstanding relationships with all of China’s major media organizations, including Xinhua, to create a credible bridge to key, difficult to access audiences and constituencies.

All Business Wire releases are translated into both traditional and simplified Chinese, and made available to a distribution network of over 3,500 media, which range from news agencies, newspapers, radio, TV, business and trade journals, news portals, as well as blogs, online forums and other new media.  With over 2,000 online distribution points, nearly 500 specialist media points, and close to 50 guaranteed postings  on leading Chinese web sites, Business Wire  provides the most comprehensive service in China.

Interfax China’s multi-tiered distribution platform includes mainstream media, more than 20 complimentary trade categories, industry analysts, and individual reporters, supported by media staff in Shanghai, Beijing  and Hong Kong to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

Business Wire’s Greater China circuit also includes distribution via Taiwan’s Central News Agency, another Business Wire exclusive news agency relationship. In addition to traditional and simplified Chinese, releases also are translated into “Big Five,” the local Taiwanese dialect.

The BRIC markets are emblematic of Business Wire’s international strengths: exclusive relationships that open up huge consumer markets and business development opportunities at rates that are often less than the comparative cost of the translations themselves. The value proposition speaks for itself and clearly illustrates Business Wire’s unique role in an increasingly crowded industry.

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