The 50-40-10 Rule of Optimizing Press Releases

The 50-40-10 Rule of Optimizing Press Releases

Have you ever wondered how much energy you should put towards optimizing your press releases?  If so, please consider adopting my 50-40-10 optimization technique for your next press release (it’s great for blog posts too, by the way!).

So what does 50-40-10 mean?  50-40-10 is a technique for allocating your time and energies efficiently when optimizing releases.  Take a look at the graphic below for a visual breakdown.

Here’s how it works:

Spend about 50% of your time optimizing your headline. These days, we are inundated with information and being compelling from the outset is often crucial to getting your message heard by an audience of journalists, bloggers and newsreaders that have no shortage of articles to read at any time. Your headline is also the most important element in your release from an SEO perspective as it serves double duty as your Title tag and headline in search results.

Dig deep to craft a headline that incorporates important keywords while also conveying your key points and hopefully even grabs the reader’s attention from the start.  Here are a few recent release headlines I love that also performed quite well:

LinkedIn Says Most Overused Buzzwords Are “Extensive Experience, Innovative and Motivated”

NBA Bans Basketball Shoes by Athletic Propulsion Labs Based on League Rule against “Undue Competitive Advantage” That Increases a Player’s Vertical Leap

With your headline written, now spend the next 40% of your time optimizing the body of your release. While ensuring that your release continues to deliver on the promise of the headline, repeat your most important keywords or related words multiple times.  Also be sure to link to key webpages using relevant anchor text closely matched to the content of the destination page.  Use your body optimization time to find the balance of readability and optimization.

Finally, use your last 10% to optimize your multimedia elements. I recommend allocating a significantly smaller amount of time for this because there are no headlines, links or body copy to deal with here.  Simply write unique and compelling descriptions of each attached photo or video multimedia element.  Incorporate relevant keywords into each description, give each element a unique file name and you are done.

Give this technique a try next time you optimize your press release and let us know how it goes.

10 Responses to The 50-40-10 Rule of Optimizing Press Releases

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  2. What’s nice is that a search enginge optimized Business Wire press releases will automatically post in the NewsHQ Online Newsroom or the InvestorHQ Investor Center.

    Also, you can optimize multimedia further with alt text and more keywords when posting it to the NewsHQ Online Newsroom or the InvestorHQ Investor Center.

  3. Squeeze Key Words into Press Release Headlines in Under 70 Characters

    Good advice on SEO tactics, but both headlines showcased exceed the 70-character maximum for Google News. Squeezing your most important keyword(s) into 70 characters is the art and science of effective headline-writing!

    • Joseph Miller, EON Product Manager says:

      Touche, but I am hoping these posts are a bit more evergreen rather than attracting the quick hit of news traffic.

      • Joseph thanks for the post
        I like what you did with the fuzzy document.
        How was that done?
        I have a tool for my industry and would like to sell it. By posting it in a fuzzy small font format and getting clients to pay for a one time retrieval — this would be awesome.

        Please reply elainejackson999@gmail. com

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