BW Fun Fact: Business Wire Home to Double Jeopardy! Queens with Two Champs on Staff

If  Berkshire Hathaway companies were their own category on the long-running answer-and-question show Jeopardy, the answer to the clue “home of  TWO Jeopardy queens” would be  Business Wire.

Laura Sturaitis, Jeopardy champ, with Alex Trebek in 2002

Laura Sturaitis, Jeopardy champ, with Alex Trebek in 2002

Boasting our own “daily double,”  Business Wire’s team of 500+ employees includes two amazing women, running different departments, on opposite coasts.  Both have enjoyed competing and winning on Jeopardy.

Sandy Malloy leads our  information services department in San Francisco and won two games worth more than $10,000 back in 1989.  And Laura Sturaitis, Executive Vice President, Media Services and Product Strategy in Florida, won one of two games on the show back in December of 2002.  Also worth noting:  Sturaitis’ taping marked the first time the new Jeopardy set was revealed, “a very big deal at the time,” she says.

When she found out she would appear on the show, Sturaitis phoned Malloy for tips.  “She told me to start watching the game with a click pen in my hand to simulate the buzzer. That was really good advice.  Mastering the timing of that buzzer was the secret to getting in to answer versus being locked out for buzzing too soon,” she says.

Malloy says her only prep was to “look at a globe for awhile.” 

In the crazy coincedence department, Sturaitis was coached by her husband, Arch, who had appeared on Canadian TV’s teen quiz show,  Reach for the Top, hosted by none other than…a young emcee named Alex Trebek.  Trebek has hosted Jeopardy since 1984.

Malloy also had previous TV competition experience.  As a teenager she competed in the quiz program It’s Academic and appeared on a short-lived game show called The Challengers with Dick Clark.  There  she won  $850–“enough to buy a new TV, after putting money aside for taxes.” 

Says Sturaitis:  “I’ve been a media and communications professional for 25+ years, and at Business Wire now for 19,  but nothing I have accomplished has connected with people more than the last line of my bio where I reveal I am a Jeopardy Champion.”

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