PR Peeps Poll: Two-thirds say Press Releases Play Significant Role in Branding


by Monika Maeckle, Vice President, New Media

As branding and SEO continue their convergence, two-thirds of those responding to a recent PR Peeps poll said that press releases play a “significant role” in their branding efforts.

Out of 228 polled, 66% categorized the role press releases play in their branding efforts as “significant.”  Twenty-five percent said press releases play a “minor” role in branding efforts, while 9% said they don’t use press releases in branding efforts.

PR Peeps Poll:  How do press releases fit into your branding efforts?

“Press releases are part of an overall strategy for my company and customers,” noted one PR pro in the comments section of the survey.   “Brand positioning plays and should play a major role not only in press releases, but also in any piece of info or PR writing [that comes] out of the organization,” said another respondent.

Judging from these results, one could argue that press releases belong in the marketing department–in addition to communications, of course.

Here’s the findings:

    • 150, or 66%    Press Releases play a significant role
    • 57,  or 25%     Press releases play a minor role
    • 21, or 9%          Don’t use press relases for branding

To all those who participated, thank you very much!  How about helping us out with our next PR Peeps Poll:  Which press release metric do you most value?

228 respondents via Twitter, email and Business Wire webinar polls. Poll conducted  conducted April – May 2011.

3 Responses to PR Peeps Poll: Two-thirds say Press Releases Play Significant Role in Branding

  1. DNN says:

    There is no doubt press releases play a significant role in SEO, as well as increasing online visibility. This is the beauty of anyone, whether it be a blogger, online company, infant technology startup or whomever to create unique article content regularly and optimize for social networking, as well as [search engine optimization]. Press releases, as you have mentioned, also allow anyone to brand themselves effectively on the world wide web. Press releases also help to potentially secure not only long tail search traffic in SEO’n to your fullest potential, but, also benefit from residual search and social traffic from all organic fronts on the world wide web from [major search engines], for years to come.

  2. Justin says:

    I don’t find this surprising at all…in fact, press releases are one of the key tools for agencies to generate revenue. Don’t get me wrong, the release does have its place but why in the world would PR professionals say the release is not important? That would just hurt our bottom line. Personally, there are more effective ways to improve branding.

    “66% categorized the role press releases play in their branding efforts as ‘significant.'” Now, here is another take on this stat…66 percent utilize the press release medium within their branding strategy. I would be interested to see what the response would be if the question was asked, “How significant is the impact of a press release on branding?” Or to rank the PR techniques at our disposal and rank the significance of each toward a branding initiative. Either of these will yield a more accurate picture of how agencies are utilizing PR techniques to impact a client’s brand.

    Stats say a lot but lets remember to take them all with a grain of salt.

    • DNN says:


      This is very true about how press releases generate business and earn $ gUaP $. A well optimized press release not only gets traffic and $ gUaP $, but lots of reputation for the good of any organization built on the world wide web, which lasts for many years online. Press releases and making up your own internet [vernacular] is by far a positive thing to do, in branding yourself, thus, uniquely standing out from the rest, and also making more $ gUaPeY $ than your competitors on the web.

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