Business Wire Gives Back: In Tokyo, BW Manager Keeps Snacks Stocked for Earthquake Victims

Akio Kobayashi, Business Wire’s Country Manager in Japan, spent a recent day helping those afflicted by the devastating earthquake and tsunami by keeping supply shelves stocked at a Tokyo relief center.  The effort was part of  our 50th birthday BW Gives Back campaign.

Akio Kobayashi, Business Wire Japan Country Manager

Akio Kobayashi, Business Wire Japan Country Manager, Volunteers in Tokyo

Kobayashi  worked the snack counter at a Tokyo high school that is serving as a temporary relief center.  Several families were crowded into a single classroom where government agencies made food, diapers and information available about jobs and living quarters.

“Old people, young couples with babies….They lost everything–jobs, homes.  Some lost their families,” Kobayashi shared via email. “I didn’t want to believe the situation but very unfortunately it was a fact that we are facing.”

The BW Gives Back campaign, which challenges each Business Wire employee to volunteer up to 12 hours to the worthy cause of their choosing, continues through the end of 2011.

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