Five Killer PR Tips for Staying Relevant in Public Relations from JDA Software’s Cindy Kim

by Billy Russell, Client Services Representative, Business Wire Phoenix

Last week, Business Wire Phoenix hosted a luncheon with Cindy Kim, Director of Marketing and Social Media for JDA Software, titled “Adapt or Vanish: Five Killer PR Tips to Stay Relevant.” Cindy discussed the past of PR and its future, detailing its transformation in response to the internet and how communications have been changed forever. Watch a video with highlights from the presentation here:

Classic techniques are tried and true and will always be useful, but in a world where much corporate correspondence is conducted through Facebook, Twitter and blogs, staying on top of the technology is a must.  To stay relevant in today’s market, you must adapt.

Here are Cindy’s tips:

1.      Join Conversations – Your company should engage in conversation with participants who follow you on Twitter and Facebook to let them know that living, breathing people staff the Twitter feed.  No ot systematic Tweets based on alogrithms, please.
2.      Socialize PR – Make your news shareable by making it easy for readers to follow you on the web.  Include sharing icons and other relevant social media sites in the “About” section in news releases.
3.      Atomize Your Content – It all starts with a BIG IDEA.  Take your big idea and split it into sub-categories to plan your marketing strategy, i.e., recycle the content via blog posts, presentations and podcasts.
4.      Drive Demand – Your social media followers will be interested in what’s coming.  Use social media to make product announcements.  Tweet your recent innovations.  Your Facebook page should include links to news release announcements.
5.      Socialize Events – Spread the word of any upcoming events through social media portals.  Tweet your event.  Invite colleagues through LinkedIn.  But, most important, engage the public and your followers.  Encourage them to become interested in your events and have the news spread and go viral.

Check out some great pictures from the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5 Responses to Five Killer PR Tips for Staying Relevant in Public Relations from JDA Software’s Cindy Kim

  1. Grant Armendariz says:

    Easily the best and most informative Phoenix/Scottsdale seminar we have hosted in several years. Thanks again to Cindy Kim for presenting.

  2. Tony Bracanovich says:

    Grant, this was a well done and educational event. Cindy made an excellent presentation.

  3. cindy kim says:

    Grant and Tony,
    Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed being there and appreciate everyone spending the afternoon with me. I know how busy life can get. I hope I provided some useful tips. Thank you! Please give Billy Russell props for the writeup. He did a great job of shooting the video, taking pictures and uploading them. There is talent in that corner. And thanks to you Grant for inviting me. You have a great group of people. What a pleasure.

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