BW Gives Back: LA’s Melinda and Jill Rosenzwieg Serve as Butterfly Docents

by Melinda Rosenzweig, Marketing Supervisor, Business Wire

My six-year-old daughter, Jill, loves butterflies. In fact, she’s a ‘butterfly expert.’   She knows male from female, how many legs a butterfly has, and what happens when a butterfly undergoes change before becoming an adult.

For the past few months, Jill and I have been learning about the world of butterflies by serving as Butterfly House Docents at the Environmental Nature Center, home to the only native butterfly house in OrangeCounty.  The ‘OC’ is located just 50 miles south of Los Angeles. The ENC provides quality education through hands-on experience with nature.


VIDEO: Jill Rosenzweig, age 6, plays with a Red Admiral butterfly at the Environmental Nature Center, home to several butterfly species native to Orange County, CA.

As part of the volunteer program, Jill and I planted 45 host and nectar plants for the native OC butterflies that live within the Butterfly House. The plants have matured, and their leaves provide caterpillars with host food while their flowers offer nectar to mature butterflies. Inside the House is a “nursery” where guests can witness the birth of butterflies as they emerge from their chrysalises.

One of the ways Business Wire is celebrating its 50th anniversary is by giving employees paid time off this year to volunteer with the nonprofit of their choice.   Read more about what other BW employees are doing to give back.

Happy 50th Anniversary Business Wire!

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