Business Wire’s 50th Anniversary College Contest Highlight: Robert Brown

It’s too bad we’re not having a contest for the most nicknames because our next finalist Robert Brown would take the prize. Robert Brown, also known as Bob, Bobby, Bobert, Beebs, and Bawb is one of our top ten college video finalists for Business Wire’s college video contest. In celebration for our 50th anniversary, one student will win a trip to New York City to meet Warren Buffett, chairman & CEO of Business Wire’s parent company, Berkshire Hathaway, at Business Wire’s NYSE Opening Bell luncheon on September 30th, 2011. Students were asked to answer the question “What is the future of public relations and communications?” Check out Robert’s video below.

Robert is a junior studying advertising at the Universityof Georgia, but his real passion is theatre which he has grown up doing in his hometown of Savannah.  He has been in a number of plays including Pirates of Penzance, Seussical the Musical, and Beauty and the Beast.  When he isn’t acting, he is practicing guitar, painting, writing music, watching the “best baseball team in the world” the Atlanta Braves and blogging on his personal blog:

When asked why he wanted to meet Mr. Buffett, Robert answered, “Anybody who has been able to accomplish half as much as he has would find it hard not to scoff at the good natured but often naïve decisions of youth in the business.  Mr. Buffet’s consistent character and sense of humility ring true with what I believe is an admirable business practice and ultimately inspire me to pursue the same values in my own business practices.”

Show your support to all the top video finalists on our Facebook page and let our executive judging committee including Business Wire’s chairman and CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz and President Gregg Castano your favorites by commenting and “liking” them. You can also show your support on Twitter using hashtag #BWROBERT.

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