Top 5 Reasons You Need to Be Delivering News to Stakeholders Via Mobile Alerts

With the rapid proliferation of web-enabled mobile devices, your target audience is no longer tethered to their desktop computers.  Keeping users informed of significant news events via their mobile devices is an essential part of proactive online communication and the newest best practice in investor relations.

As of June 2011, consumers now spend more time consuming content on their mobile devices than on desktop computers.  Are you delivering your content in the most mobile device-compatible format? If you’re delivering content to mobile devices via email, the answer is a resounding NO.

The advantages of news alerts via SMS vs. email

  • Immediacy: An email is, on average, opened about six hours after it’s sent.  By comparison, multiple studies indicate a text message is read within four minutes of receipt.
  • Near-perfect open rates: Most email campaigns see open rates averaging less than 20%, which indicates the vast majority of emails are never even read. By contrast, you can expect an open rate in excess of 95% for text messages. In terms of timeliness and effectiveness, there is really no comparison.
  • User Experience – On mobile devices, SMS works, but HTML emails ‘break’:  HTML is the most common and preferred email format on desktop computers (as opposed to plain text).  However, on many of the most common mobile devices your best case scenario is your HTML emails are too small to read on a mobile device and your worst case scenario is they look like a garbled mess.  Thus, many among your target audience have already learned not to bother opening email-based newsletter or news alert communications on their mobile devices.  Conversely, SMS was designed for mobile devices so its reliability is near perfect on mobile devices.
  • Direct Access to Rich Mobile-Formatted Content: When an SMS contains a mobile hyperlink or URL to additional content on a mobile-formatted website, users have learned they can simply click the link and be taken directly to a mobile-formatted website where they can expect full, rich mobile device-friendly content.

The Bottom Line:

  • You have a better chance of reaching your target audience of their mobile device than their desktop because that’s where they are consuming more content
  • You have a considerably better chance your target audience will pay attention to your message if you deliver it to them via an SMS alert that links to a mobile friendly version of your news

Top 5 Reasons You Should be Offering News Alerts via SMS

  1. When it comes to communication channels, your audience wants choice.  Communications channels are evolving and proliferating and your target audience expects you to keep pace.  Email is not dead, but its relevance is waning as users are inundated with more and more junk mail.  Many among your target audience prefer SMS for important communications and you should be providing them with this option.
  2. You can launch a turnkey SMS News Alerts with one phone call:  There is no need to reinvent the wheel here.  Business Wire has done all of the legwork for you building an enterprise-grade platform to deliver its latest product, Business Wire Mobile Alerts(BWMA).  With this product, enabling your stakeholders to subscribe to mobile your mobile news alerts is as simple as adding a ‘Subscribe to Our Mobile Alerts’ link on your website, which links to your own branded ‘subscribe’ page.  Your webmaster can literally add the turnkey ‘subscribe’ link in a matter of minutes.Better still, Business Wire enables you to build your list for free by publishing this ‘subscribe’ link anywhere you like, andthey will also publish it on your news releases for you.  Use your custom ‘subscribe’ link to build your list of opt-in mobile alert subscribers anywhere and everywhere for free… Your organization only pays when they send mobile news alerts to your mobile subscriber list using the BWMA service.So, how does it work?
    Enter your mobile number here to try the live demo and experience how simple it is to enroll in seconds on your own mobile device.
  3. You will convert more of your ‘ghost’ website visitors to active followers: If someone in your target audience is on your website, you have their attention at the peak of their emotional interest in your company.  Yet many people have become generally unwilling to opt into any more communications via email.  By providing your target audience with the option to receive your news alerts via SMS as well, you will convert more of your ‘ghost’ visitors to active followers of your organization and its news events.  For many, SMS is a novel and convenient way to receive news alerts and they take comfort knowing there is an equally convenient way to opt-out if ever they so wish.
  4. You will be recognized for keeping current with communication trends:  Market-leading companies in Europe have been offering their stakeholders news alert services via SMS for years, and this trend is fast-coming to North America.  Aside from staying ahead of the curve with competitors, your stakeholders will recognize your organization as one that is in touch with how communications are evolving.  The latest mobile stats show over 70% of American mobile subscribers regularly send text messages and more than 40% browse the mobile web or use apps.
  5. SMS News Alerts Are Among the Most Effective Ways to Keep a Global Workforce In Sync with Up-to-the-Minute Company News: In many large organizations, keeping a national or global workforce in sync about company news can be a challenge, especially when so much email goes unread.  Considering the open-rates of SMS compared to email, there is simply no more effective way to keep staff and management around the world informed about important public-facing company news than having them subscribe to the company’s mobile news alerts.

A mobile communications strategy that includes SMS-based mobile alerts is no longer optional, or an item for the long-range plan. It is a vital, critical channel right now and increasingly more so every day.  With so many compelling benefits and zero drawbacks, your SMS mobile alerts service can be up and running this week (and it should be already!).

To learn more about Business Wire Mobile Alerts, contact your local BW account executive or request information here.

Thanks to Nigel Malkin, CEO of Brand2Hand Media for his contribution to this post.

5 Responses to Top 5 Reasons You Need to Be Delivering News to Stakeholders Via Mobile Alerts

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  2. John Resnick says:

    while I agree with most of the points made. I would like to know where you got the data on email vs text time until they are read? I find it hard to believe that it take on average 6 hours to read an email. everyone on our staff has a smart phone with email alerts which essentially is the same thing as a text.

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