BW Power User Tip: Your Logo on Your Press Release

by Laura Sturaitis, Executive Vice President, Media Services & Product Strategy

Did you know that you can add your logo to every Business Wire release using LogoLink?

This is a free benefit of Business Wire membership and offers instant online branding of your news release with a link to the key URL for that logo, which drives traffic to your website.

Here’s how you get started:

  • Upload the logo to include with each of your releases on the Business Wire Connect order screen under “Logos Added”.
  • For best results, send logos in .gif, .jpg, .png or .tiff format; resolution between 72 and 300 dpi; and size (in pixels) not smaller than 220 x 220 and not larger than 720 x 720.
  • Your original logo will be scaled down to a thumbnail size of 120 pixels wide by 70 pixels high and appear within this rectangular dimension on your news releases. Larger logos work better, as they scale down well. Logos which are much taller than wide will look smaller because they will be scaled down to 70 pixels high, so if you have both a horizontal and a vertical logo, the horizontal is preferred.
  • Logos should be web-ready. RGB is one web-ready color format. CMYK is a print-ready color format not intended for the web.
  • The thumbnail shown on your Connect order under “Logos Added” is the actual size of the logo as it will appear on your release on
  • Provide a URL link under “Edit Details” and we will link the logo displayed with that URL from the Business Wire site.

The "Add Logos" section in Business Wire Connect

Your logo appears at the top of your press release on

One Response to BW Power User Tip: Your Logo on Your Press Release

  1. Drewry News-nyc says:

    this is a wonderful post to keep people informed for press release success on “how to include logos in press releases”. BusinessWire is awesome and DrewryNewsNetwork appreciates you guys doing a fantastic job in putting out meaningful blog posts, while helping companies stay successful, in their press release marketing endeavors 🙂

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