Business Wire’s Pilar Portela Named to Board of Local NAHJ Chapter

Pilar Portela, Media Relations Supervisor based in our Florida office, was recently named an at-large board member to the South Florida chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ). Pilar has been a key player in recent years in developing Business Wire’s LatinoWire circuits, speaking on industry panels and cultivating relationships with Hispanic journalists and media properties.

Pilar Portela

Pilar Portela, Business Wire Media Relations Representative

According to Pilar, “Through my active participation in NAHJ South Florida I have found that it has brought me closer to the Hispanic media community (both traditional and social media). I have also been part of some really great media events such as our February Hispanic Elections panel discussion featuring Maria Elena Salinas of Univision. Last, I helped to raise books for a local underprivileged Miami school library through a NAHJ South Florida and Business Wire book drive”

Asked what she hopes to contribute via her NAHJ board membership, Pilar said, “Since the National NAHJ Convention in June 2010, I have been actively involved with establishing the NAHJ South Florida Chapter by helping to coordinate meetings and increasing local NAHJ awareness and membership. In the role of At Large Officer I intend to continue to be a big part of the Chapter Committee especially with large projects such as membership and fundraiser drives and also assist the Sponsorship, Event, and Charity Committees.”

Congratulations, Pilar!

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