Journalists Tweet Their PR Pet Peeves

compiled by Raschanda Hall, Global Media Relations Manager, Business Wire/Chicago
Recently @muckrack asked journalists to share some of their pitching pet peeves in a #muckedup chat. I’ve compiled my favorites for your learning pleasure.
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    “@muckrack I automatically delete any pitch that begins, “Dear Sir/Madam”
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:41:11
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    “@muckrack Don’t start emails with “how are you?” when we’ve never met #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:52:25
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    “@muckrack pet pitch peeve: “since you just wrote about ______, thought you’d be interested in _____.” No, I just wrote about it.
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:36:17
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    “.@muckrack pitch peeve: leading w/ “I just read your AMAZING story about X, and..” Flattery has gotten better PRs than you nowhere, dear.
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:54:54
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    “@muckrack PR peeve: pitches for “story ideas” (no, that’s my job) or for “free articles” (seriously?!)
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:50:53
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    “Pet #PR peeves: (1) no photos or links to photos; (2) UK releases that arrive the day after the US release; (3) PR not around. cc @muckrack
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:54:07
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    “@muckrack Mistaking me for a .com writer when I write for a monthly mag. Don’t pitch me tax tip stories when we’re working on July #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:50:24
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    @muckrack asking for questions ahead of time only to later give prepared and safe answers. #muckedup boring!!
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:56:39
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    “@muckrack “Our CEO is in town this week, it would be useful for you to meet him!” Translated: “Oh crap, we need to look like a good PR team”
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:54:52
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    “@muckrack Pitching a source 2 days after a story was in the headlines. You are late and wasting my time.
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:45:08
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    (Unsolicited) PR email of the day: ‘Please let me know you agree to the below embargo so I can send you a press release.’ (@muckrack)
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:02:46
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    “@muckrack Being asked by a PR to send a link to them *when* we write up the story. File under: ‘Dumb as a brick’. #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:53:58
  14. Oh, and then the tides turned: PR pros were asked to share their journalist pet peeves.

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    “.@muckrack when 300 reporters email you at once during a crisis & then write “X couldn’t be reached for comment.” #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:34:35
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    “@muckrack Journos that never respond. A simple “not the right fit, send it to this colleague” helps me better target my pitch next time.
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:42:40
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    “.@muckrack Reporters who agree to briefings, then go MIA when it comes time to schedule #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:04:33
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    “@muckrack What used to annoy me was reporters assigned to cover high-tech who knew nothing about the topic
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:57:46
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    “@muckrack main bugbear is rudeness (although i’d be tetchy if i was bombarded all day too i guess). we’re human too, we’re not punchbags
    Wed, May 02 2012 10:59:18
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    “@muckrack ordering sample cakes for a “product review” aka the editor’s daughter’s 4th birthday. No product review appears #havingalaugh
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:03:38
  21. And yet another turn of events; Journalists decided to balance it out and offer some praise for PR done well.

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    “@muckrack @jenwieczner I like “how are you”! Makes the pitch seem more human, less automated. #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:58:12
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    “Exactly, @muckrack. Gotta be balanced, dont want to trash only. One more GREAT PR Move? Offering me an exclusive!!!! #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:29:06
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    “RT @muckrack: RT @CassVinograd GOOD PR moves that make me happy: a quick call to verify I’m the right person to speak to, then emailed release #muckedup
    Wed, May 02 2012 11:30:25
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    “The relaxed post-interview chatty time? That’s when we get some of our greatest quotes @CaroPRinLA #oldschool @muckrack
    Wed, May 02 2012 12:19:38
  26. Cant’ get enough of the PR vs Journalist battle to build better working relationships?  Be sure to check out the Muck Rack Blog where they’ll be posting recaps of the ongoing conversation or catch up on the blog post that started the whole discussion.You can also check out the posts from Business Wire’s media relations team where we share tips directly from journalists across the world on how they like to be pitched and what catches their attention.

A lengthier post was originally storiifed by Raschanda Hall on May 2nd.

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