The Rise of Content PR

by Phil Dennison, Senior Marketing Specialist, Business Wire

It’s no secret that the public relations business has changed dramatically over the last several years — the amount of commentary and opinion that accompanied PRSA’s attempt to come up with a modern definition of “public relations” should make that clear. Those changes, in the midst of the social and search revolutions, have had a major effect on how PR is practiced.

We’ve been saying for years that press releases are just a starting point for your PR campaigns, an opportunity to leverage an integrated PR/marketing approach to serving media, consumers and other audiences by providing them with valuable information and multimedia content. Now we’ve partnered with Calysto Communications to help put a name to these practices: Content PR.

Through our joint efforts, we’ve produced “The Rise of Content PR,” an in-depth examination of the content PR strategy, which includes the development of original content that appeals to journalists and consumers as well as strategic delivery methods that provide measurable data based on defined objectives.

To download and read this report, please visit . Make sure to also visit Calysto’s new Content PR blog as well as their PR Vibes Blog.

We hope to hear your own thoughts on how your PR practice has changed!

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