Tools For Increasing Sales Through Social Media

by Bernadette Morris, President/CEO, Black PR Wire

Bernadette Morris, President/CEO, Black PR Wire

Bernadette Morris, President/CEO, Black PR Wire

Black consumers spend a considerable amount of time using social media: Twitter and Facebook are all the rage. We know that social media is a hot topic within the business community today. So, in recognition of  Black History Month, we thought that we would share a few tools for Black-owned businesses on how to increase sales through social media.

Social media is a viral form of communication and the platform of choice for any serious Internet marketer. By becoming part of a social media site, an internet marketer taps into a global market with numbers in the millions. This instant access to a global audience is what internet marketers use to get their message, product or services across.  There are many advantages to jumping on the social media bandwagon:

  • Consumers are communicating more.
  • Little to no monetary investment is required.
  • Allows you to go where your audiences are.
  • People regroup on communities.
  • It is interactive and word-of-mouth is stronger.
  • People read blogs and consume more user generated content.
  • Social media tools allow you access to millions of people.
  • People tend to take part in online conversations and are happy to communicate with brands.
  • Allows you to generate more traffic to your Web site.

For those black businesses that have NOT hopped on the social media bandwagon, here are a few tips on how to use it to increase your sales:

  • Create pages/profiles on social media sites: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube (post videos) and Slideshare (post presentations).
  • Build your presence as a go-to expert.
  • Use your social media presence to have a conversation with your audience about something that matters and reflects well on your brand.
  • Expand your reach. Connecting with like-minded individuals all across the globe has never been easier with social media sites such as LinkedIn. Start building your network today – it’s free to join, and you never know who is out there unless you’re involved and engaged.
  • Build relationships. Consider your contacts virtual friends as opposed to potential customers. Give them an opportunity to get to know you and the work that you do.
  • Use a combination of on and offline channels (print, TV, social networks, ads, promo flyers, etc.) to let people know about your projects and initiatives.
  • Offer incentives to encourage repeat site visitation and contribution (prizes, points, rebates, etc.).

Want to hear more from Bernadette?  Register to attend the Business Wire and Black PR Wire 2013 Minority Leadership Series.

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