Business Wire Los Angeles Sponsors ‘Media Leaders’ Panel on Content PR Tactics; Packed Networking Event Unites Marketing Gurus, Startups and Investors

by Warner Boutin, Account Executive & Luis Guillen, Media Relations Specialist, Business Wire/LA

In our ongoing coverage of content marketing practices, Business Wire Los Angeles sponsored a packed networking event/panel in association with Media Leaders on Tuesday, February 5th at the ROC Center Santa Monica.

The panel focused on social media navigation tips, building media relationships & integrated public relations practices.
Media Leaders Co-Founder & CEO Josh Ochs moderated the panel. Panelists included SeeVolution Founder & President Edo Cohen; MoGreet Director of Marketing Serena Ehrlich; CEO & Founder of Radix Collective Nicole Jordan; and Founder of Pitch Box Media Relations, CJ Nance.

Josh Ochs, Nicole Jordan, CJ Nance , Serena Ehrlich & Edo Cohen

L-R: Josh Ochs, Nicole Jordan, CJ Nance , Serena Ehrlich & Edo Cohen

On navigating social media

Kicking off the panel, moderator Josh Ochs asked the panelists to share two key social media/PR tips.

“We tell clients to say it in 100 words of less, and don’t say it unless the comment is worthy of being published on an I-405 billboard sign,” said Ochs.

“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say tomorrow,” Ehrlich added.

Nicole Jordan discussed the notion of feeding the social media “animal,” but to not share simply for the sake of sharing.

CJ suggested being human in your brand’s social media messaging, and to always error on side of transparency.

On raising journalistic standards for bloggers

Edo Cohen discussed the role bloggers play in his media outreach efforts.

“If I want a positive article written, I pay a blogger $150; something Journalists won’t do . . . Why need to change? It is what it is, we must use it to our advantage,” said Cohen.

Connecting and getting coverage

The panel collectively agreed that social media is a great way to engage audiences, but needs to be authentic and augmented by real relationships.

On forging real media relationships, CJ Nance said, “The more they know you, the more responsive they’ll be, so stay on their radar.”

Future of social media/PR?

“Know web design, WordPress, Google Total Assets, design in general, know how to write, Photoshop, HTML, ” said Serena.
“Know how to tell the story and connect with your audience,” commented Cohen.

On online marketing, Nicole Jordan stressed media relations pros need to be content marketers; and understand how PR shapes into the other communications¬†departments. “It’s all about integrated communication aligned with business/product goals, revenue, branding, etc.” said Jordan.

Panel online viral results

Compliments of Media Leaders & Pulsoviral intelligence gathering, the event garnered more than 200 social posts with 57 unique posts referencing the hashtag #BWchat.

For upcoming local Business Wire events or our award-winning webinar series, visit our events page or follow Business Wire events on Twitter, hashtag #bwchat.

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