Join Business Wire’s Laura Sturaitis at SXSWi

Laura Sturaitis

Laura Sturaitis, Executive Vice President, Media Services and Product Strategy

SXSWiI am eagerly looking forward to attending SWSXi in Austin this weekend where I will be participating in a panel during Hill & Knowlton’s Data Day on Sunday morning, March 10th. Just by posting that I will be attending on my SXSWSocial site, I have already been contacted by lots of other pilgrims who are making the trek to Texas.

If the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha is ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’, then this must certainly be ‘Woodstock for Geeks or Hipsters’ (or both!). “Rumor spreadin’ ’round in that Texas town” that with 5,000+ activities to choose from, you should be sure to check out the great series of panels that H&K has put together on Sunday at Wanderlust Studios. Our panel is “Journalism-By-The-Numbers: Data Will Change the Nature of News” with my fellow panelists James Grimaldi and Kevin Helliker of The Wall Street Journal and Liv Buli of Next Big Sound, with our moderator Emily Ramshaw of The Texas Tribune.

I am honored and excited to be heading to SXSW, and anticipating a lively and informative discussion. Follow me at @lsturaitis for my Twitter updates from SXSWi this weekend.

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