PR Week Spotlights Business Wire’s InvestorHQ

At Business Wire, we’re firm believers that our customers are our best salespeople — testimonials from trusted professionals are better currency than even the most well-crafted pitch.

PRWeek recently spoke with Beth Mansfield, Director of Public Relations for CKE Restaurants Inc., about Business Wire’s InvestorHQ, which she uses for the CKE Restaurants investor site. Although CKE  is a privately held company, as Mansfield says,

“I still need to keep financial communications up to date for all businesses within the CKE Restaurants realm – including Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. This includes featuring specific financial releases and posting historical SEC filings, stock prices, corporate governance documents, earnings presentations, and more. InvestorHQ is an easy one-stop place to do what I need to do all this. Since it is Web-based, I can make changes whether I’m on the road or in the office.”

Click over to read more about CKE’s experience with InvestorHQ and how it’s helped streamline their financial communications and investor relations programs. And thanks to PRWeek for offering its readers a look at our product!

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