The Four Reasons Why We Love Attending IR Conferences

by Michael Becker, Senior Vice President, Financial Product Strategy
Michael Becker

Michael Becker, SVP Financial Product Strategy

It’s our favorite time of the year at Business Wire: North American IR conference season. For non-IR community folks reading this post, you are assuredly thinking this guy (two thumbs pointed squarely at me) needs a life. And maybe I do, but allow me to briefly share why we love attending the CIRI and NIRI National conferences.

1) Keen Interest: Clients and prospects alike proactively seek us out and ask, “What new solutions has Business Wire launched this year?” It’s a great question and as a product strategist, one I relish greatly. We know and respect how busy IROs are throughout the year, so we appreciate the proactive nature of conference attendees. Additionally, not only do we get to share what’s new with you, we get to hear your thoughts on innovation, market trends, and product enhancements. A true win-win.

2) Intelligent Attendees: I attended my first NIRI National event in 1999 and I remember thinking, “These are some very sharp folks.” Full disclaimer: I was also very excited by the copious amounts of free sushi. (I was much younger . . .) Fourteen annual conferences later and I still feel the same way (about the attendees, not so much the sushi), which leads to my next point.

3) Sophisticated Products for a Sophisticated Community: This year at NIRI we’ll have experts on hand to discuss Business Wire’s cutting-edge InvestorHQ IR sites, social media monitoring, sentiment and visualization, and next-generation video production services. All new product lines that embody Business Wire’s core tenet to satisfy the distribution and measurement needs of a sophisticated user community.

4) The Intersection of Personal and Professional: As a local NIRI chapter board member and past-president, I am uber-fortunate to see local IR community members fairly frequently. However, as we all get older and invariably busier, the national conferences provide adequate time to learn together, smile and laugh with old and new friends alike, catch-up personally and professionally, share novel ideas and create new memories.

If you are attending the NIRI National conference, please do come by to say hello (Booth #403), take The Warren Buffett IR Trivia Challenge, attend our IR site Lunch and Learn on Tuesday and, of course, remember to ask Business Wire, “What’s new?”

Travel safely!

Take the Warren Buffett IR Trivia Challenge at NIRI 2013 and be entered to win an Apple iPad 3!

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