It’s Story Time for Today’s Brands and Organizations

Whether you’re crafting a press release, putting together a new blog post, or outlining the next piece of your content marketing strategy, how much thought do you give to the underlying story you’re telling about your brand through these exchanges? Be honest, do you put on your storytelling hat before you go about your day-to-day PR or marketing communications? Or are you focusing more on the platforms themselves?
When it comes to brand storytelling, Jonah Sachs argues that “now, more than ever, brands need to know how to tell compelling stories to reach [their] audiences…It’s critical for brands to shift from messaging to storytelling. After all, a brand is nothing more than an ongoing story — a set of meaningful emotional experiences — unfolding between itself and its audiences.” No matter what industry you’re in, telling your brand’s story — and telling it well — is considered one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience on a deep and meaningful level.
During Social Media Week in Toronto, we took special note of the Twitterverse conversation around storytelling and have rounded up some of the best insights for you. Ready to dive into storytelling for your brand? For further inspiration, have a look at some of our past posts for more on how any company, big or small can leverage storytelling or improve PR efforts by adopting a storyteller’s mindset. Have a few tips of your own?  Please share them in the comments below!
  1. .@NFFTT finds success in telling its story by getting volunteers to share their experiences. #smwto
  2. Collaboration is key. Working with partners helps you amplify the message and leads to additional success – @nfftt #SMWOrangeTO
  3. The 2-hour life cycle for real-time content marketing from @davefleet #SMWTO…
  4. @Richard.kanee Bonus of digital storytelling is telling a deeper, broader, ongoing story, audience personalizes consumption of social #SMWTO
  5. “We aren’t satisfied with being told a story, we want to be part of the story” – says consumers to brands. ##smwto
  6. Peep @epicmix if you want to be blown away! Open your brand and let other people tell the story! #smwto #socialmachines
  7. True essence of #Storytelling 🙂 RT @ShawnDPhelps “We don’t want to be told a story, we want to be part of a story.” #SMWTO
  8. * Storytelling as a strategy that requires focus, creativity, and commitment…
  9. Consistency, focus and frequency are essential to effective audience engagement #smwto – Know your story
When you post a link to Facebook, you’re competing with photos of people’s kids and pets. Your story must be as compelling. #SMWTO
No matter what advertising you still need a great story #smwto

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