The Business Wire 2014 Media Survey Results are In! Check these out!

By Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media

What happens when you ask 300 members of the media 30 questions regarding the information they need from you to write about a company?

You get data.  And with data, you can do great things!  Business Wire 2014 Media Survey

Data provides you with a road map, a rationale for making small and large changes to your PR program.  And this data is pretty great.  This data gives you an insider’s view of the workings of today’s online newsrooms, and the tools journalists use.

We’ve even provided links at the end to some articles and how tos to get you started.

In this survey, we asked 300 North American reporters, editors, bloggers on a variety of beats and news platforms – from TV to blogs – what metrics they are held to, when was the last time they looked at a press release, what types of news they want to see, what are their multimedia requirements, what your online newsroom must contain (more than you may think!), and if they like (or hate) social media pitches and more.

Here are just five of the amazing points we uncovered:

  1. Reporters are evaluated on several interesting metrics, but the top two remain page views and social shares.  Tip: Share your coverage across all marketing channels to help reporters meet this metric, showcasing your coverage and the publication to existing and new audiences alike.
  1. At the time they replied, 90 percent of journalists surveyed had used a press release in the previous week, and 53 percent said they used newswire content one or more times a day.  Tip: Download the survey to see exactly what kind of news they would like to see.
  1. Only 1 percent of journalists surveyed want to be pitched through social channels, with 22 percent preferring news releases; however, when it comes to researching story news or leads, 74 percent of them rely primarily on social channels.  Tip: Upgrade your social monitoring program. Today’s monitoring tools are less expensive, and much easier to use than you may think!
  1. Where do you look when researching an organization_q15_2014Corporate websites and online newsrooms continue to be top destinations for company-specific information.  Tip: Not sure if your online newsroom has the info today’s reporters want and need?  Find out what our respondents said.
  1. 70 percent of respondents said their jobs would be harder without press releases.  Tip: Write targeted releases that include the answers to the questions your news will generate. This will provide reporters the data they need to cover your story quickly.

We’ll be discussing more of these results, and their impact, in the next few weeks.  Can’t wait?  Download the complete survey here or email us to learn more about how today’s journalists rely on newswires like Business Wire to do their jobs.

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