Inside the Newsroom:  What Reporters Like About Newswires

By Hannah Kelly, Editor, Business Wire Paris

Commercial news distribution services (aka Newswires) have been in existence for over fifty years, their durability proving their utility. Business Wire’s latest mission was to investigate the ‘why’ behind the popularity of newswires, particularly as far as reporters are concerned, and here’s what the 2014 Business Wire Media Survey concluded…

Why do reporters continue to use newswires?
Simply put, newswires make reporters’ lives easier. An overwhelming 68.2% of reporters surveyed stated that their job would be harder if newswire-distributed press releases were no longer available. (Tweet this!) Newswires make for reliable news sources providing reporters with ongoing, instantly accessible information on a wide variety of news subjects, from technology to pharmaceuticals.

How often do reporters use newswires?
An astonishing 89% of responding reporters referred to newswire copy within the last week.  (Tweet this!) 3.3% of reporters surveyed use newswire content once a day or more, with 21.5% using it several times a day. Newswires publish information directly from the source, making them the go-to for the most up-to-date (and accurate!) corporate news.


What types of news do reporters want to receive?
When it came to top types of story information a reporter prefers, 77% of surveyed reporters look for breaking news, a key feature of newswire content, followed by company-provided data, unique story angles, quotes, backgrounders and more. (Tweet this!)

Why pitch your story via press release?
28% of journalists prefer to receive organizational news via press releases, whereas blog posting, social media outreach and telephone calls were all amongst the least favourable methods (less than 4% for each), and some reporters prefer not to be pitched at all! (Tweet this!)

Reporters Prefer Business Wire

So why use Business Wire?
Business Wire is the top newswire used by the reporters surveyed, checking in at 70.8%, followed at a distance by PR Newswire (66.4%), and with other newswires almost 45% behind. With over fifty years in the industry, incomparable expertise, uncontested editorial product offering and unmatched customer service, why would you go anywhere else? (Tweet this)

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