The Role of Consistency in News Releases, and Gym Workouts

By Serena Ehrlich, Director, Social +Evolving Media, Business Wire

StetchingEarlier this month, published a piece by Business Wire Newport’s Kathy Tomasino outlining the seven reasons why sending out a news release is a lot like going to the gym and sharing her top tips for creating a communications fitness plan.

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One Response to The Role of Consistency in News Releases, and Gym Workouts

  1. Ford Kanzler says:

    Agree generally on the need for consistency in a news campaign. Some kind of regular rhythm is useful.
    But suggest the problem is more often that companies issue announcements far too often on topics that are NOT worthy of the effort of that interesting to their stakeholders. Additionally, some announcements are worth more “push” than others. For more on this go to:
    Further, like any overall fitness program, differing kinds of workouts are necessary. Only going to the gym (using the news release tactic) doesn’t create a strong overall publicity results. There is any amazing range of tactical actions PR pros can execute depending on a company’s competitive position, management participation, available budget and other factors. Don’t get stuck just doing one thing. Continuing the original analogy, swim, hike, cycle, climb. Get out of the gym and employ other forms of exercise.

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